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Wrist Straps 

The reason why people use wrist straps is to support their wrists during heavy sessions and 1 rep max lifts. When using wrist straps for weightlifting you need to make sure that you have it in the correct place so that it supporting the wrist join. If the strap sits too low then it will provide no support. Be sure to warm up without the wrist straps and perform a few exercises to strengthen your wrists. 

Weightlifting Belts

Weightlifting belts are used by people who lift as they can increase intra-abdominal pressure. It is this pressure which helps stabilise the core and the spine, something you are going to want when you are lifting heavy involving the back. Wearing a lifting belt can improve your performance when you are doing the big lifts, such as deadlifts, which work the lower back.



It is really important to work your core and know how to engage your abdominals during lifts, as well as isolating the core with specific exercises. Having a strong core will be imperative to helping you lift heavy and get big. 

Resistance Bands for exercise

Resistance bands have some great benefits for lifters. You can use them as a way to warm up the rotator cuffs and to mimic some of the movements you will do during the session. You can also use resistance bands for exercise when you are traveling. They take up hardly any space in the suitcase and can give you a pretty good workout when equipment is limited. 

Resistance bands can also be added to your bar to give you that extra pull for your muscles to resist. You can get the bands in different colours which correspond to various weights. Buy yourself a selection of resistance bands for exercise so that you can use them for various things both in and out of the gym.


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