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What is the best rep range for strength gains?

When you are looking to make strength gains it is so important to follow a progressive plan. Rep ranges are important when they are part of a plan. You might want to introduce progressive overload, increasing the weight and dropping the reps from 12-15 down to 3-5 over time. This has been found to help with hypertrophy. 

Focus on compound exercises which use more muscle groups  ensuring that you get the most out of each set. These exercises include squats, deadlifts, lunges, shoulder press, chest press and pull ups.

Supplements for strength

When you are looking to gain strength there are a few supplements that can really set you up for your goal. Here are just a few of the supplements you might want to consider if upping your weight on the bar and gaining strength is your goal:

    • Pre workout - boost your focus and drive at the gym
    • Creatine - Creatine supplies energy to the cells in our bodies, including muscle cells. This can help you increase your power output. 
    • Ostarine - A SARM which has been used to treat muscle wastage conditions and can help to boost strength and muscle gains

Will SARMs help boost my strength?

We are often asked will SARMs help boost my strength by people looking for a little help to get the most from their efforts in the gym. SARMs work in a similar way to anabolic steroids, however they are considered much safer as they target muscle tissue. The use of SARMs doesn't usually require any post cycle therapy like steroids do. 

SARMs are legal here in the UK and you can buy them online. Click here to view our collection. You can buy our own blend of Ostarine and Ligandrol at Push and Pull only. Click here to buy Sarmmagedon


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