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Gymshark Leggings 

At Push and Pull we don't sell Gymshark leggings that you have probably seen every girl on Instagram wearing. We sell a brand called Vixen, a clothing brand designed with women who workout in mind.

They are importantly squat proof, high wasted, comfortable and very flattering. These leggings feel just as good, if not better, than Gymshark leggings and you'll have the unique edge with these too. Clothing from Vixen Fitness will leave you feeling excited to go to the gym!

Girls mesh leggings

Girls mesh leggings provide a little breathing space as well as a stylish effect. Mesh leggings that we have on our site are great sellers. The mesh leggings from fitness  clothing brand, Vixen, have mesh material down the back of the calf.

The mesh leggings we sell are suitable for many different types of training, whether you are heading out for a run, hitting the gym or off to a class, these leggings will give you the support and comfort you need. You can see them here.

Girls training tops 

Girls training tops need to be functional, but that is no reason why they can't be beautiful too. When you are in the gym you want to keep cool, feel comfortable and look good too. We have some training tops from the popular female brand, Vixen. This brand focuses on comfort and style for girls in the gym. Our customers love the "Little Miss Gains" crew neck tee. It can be worn long or tied up at the front for a crop top. View it here.


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